Symphony Connects You to Best-in-Class Services

Your Workbench Extension

MaxVal’s staff and services augment your internal capabilities with a range of services, including:

Annuity Payment Services

Symphony makes annuity payments simple. Clients benefit from MaxVal’s most cost-effective and transparent annuity payment solution that is seamlessly integrated with Symphony.

Paralegal Services

MaxVal’s paralegal services are designed and managed by experienced IP professionals. Our knowledgeable staff provide you high-quality results at fast turnaround times and at affordable rates. Our services include the following:


  • Prosecution support
  • Docket management
  • Document preparation and filing
  • Prior art management
  • Patent proofreading
  • Patent term adjustments

Analytics and Strategic Consulting

Using advanced IP analytic methods, MaxVal advises companies on the following:


  • New business development evaluation
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Portfolio management
  • Technology scouting
  • Licensing transaction strategies
  • Open innovation initiatives


MaxVal designs and implements IP best practices tailored to your needs, including:


  • Operations consulting
  • Process design and implementation

Prior Art Searches

MaxVal’s technical experts meet your needs by providing the highest quality outputs related to:


  • Patentability
  • FTO
  • Invalidation
  • Landscapes

Patent Drawings

MaxVal’s draftsmen generate high-quality formal drawings that meet all PTO requirements for filing utility, design and trademark applications. We take any input in many formats…