The Complete Intellectual Property Management Platform

Symphony brings all aspects of IP management onto one stage.

From invention management, docketing, portfolio management to annuity payments, Symphony provides true end-to-end IAM solutions, so that you can manage your portfolio with ease.
  • Automated workflow management reduces errors and enhances efficiency
  • GFWTM global prosecution data sync technology provides access to more than 75% of global patent prosecution data
  • Industry-leading security and reliability
  • Configurable without IT support


Symphony makes invention submission and management easy for you and your inventors

  • Configurable invention disclosure forms, submission and status tracking
  • Automated workflows to facilitate review, approval, and drafting
  • Inventor award tracking and management



Symphony gives you powerful and complete portfolio management

  • Current, correct, and complete patent information at your fingertips
  • Email and document management to organize all associated files and correspondences
  • Categorization and ranking to curate your assets



Symphony gives you the most convenient, transparent and cost-effective annuity management solution

  • The latest status of fee payments and payment receipts is available at your fingertips
  • Operates on patent data that are always correct, current, and complete
  • Sophisticated annuity analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions



Symphony docketing minimizes administrative efforts and reduces errors

  • Zero-touch auto-docketing automatically maintains your docket
  • MaxVal’s GFW technology enables automatic data synchronization with the world’s five largest patent offices
  • Curated and configurable docketing rules that are always up-to-date



Powerful forecasting and insightful analytics enables you to make informed decisions

  • Symphony rule-based expense forecasting engine uses your actual data to project expenses
  • Symphony prosecution analytics provides deep insights into your prosecution history



Quickly and effortlessly generate insightful reports to fulfill your and your executives’ needs

  • Access to over 60 curated and insightful reports
  • Easily create custom reports
  • Create and configure dashboards


Symphony runs on Salesforce

Patent Management System - Symphony

Symphony runs on Salesforce App Cloud, one of the most trusted enterprise cloud platforms in the world.

Secured – Industry-leading security trusted by leading government agencies and Fortune 500 companies

Easy – Easy to deploy: Up and running in days (not months). Easy to use: No training required. Easy to maintain: No IT support needed.