IP Counsel

Symphony for IP Counsel

Symphony lets you work seamlessly with everyone in your organization’s IP team. Symphony gives you full visibility into all of your intellectual Property at every stage of their lifecycle.

  • Invention management automatically notifies you when an inventor submits a new disclosure. Review and prosecution tasks are automatically scheduled.
  • Document management allows you, your inventors and outside counsel to coordinate during prosecution.
  • Auto-docketing automatically captures application status changes from the USPTO and other major patent offices. You are notified and your calendar is automatically updated.
  • Being able to see all the intellectual Property you are responsible for in one system.
  • The information you see is always current, correct, and complete.
  • Easily create reports to support status updates and reviews.

Support your inventors as they submit invention disclosures for review and prosecution

Coordinate prosecution and other activities with outside counsel

See a single calendar and docket that is always accurate and up-to-date


Easily create reports for status updates and reviews