Complete Invention Management

Symphony uses automated workflow management to ensure your invention disclosures are captured and processed efficiently

  • Your engineers and scientists invent every day. Turn these inventions into patents to strengthen your patent portfolio
  • Symphony makes it simple for your inventors to easily submit their inventions with minimal impact on their workflow. They can easily track their submissions through review and prosecution.
  • Symphony invention management workflow makes it easy for your IP operations staff to capture, review, and decide on invention disclosures, with negligible administrative overhead.
  • Your invention disclosures are secure. Symphony runs on Salesforce App Cloud, which is one of the most secure enterprise cloud platforms in the world.

Invention disclosure submission

Online disclosure review

Patent review committee scheduling

Outside counsel management

Award management

How You Benefit

IP Managers

Manage the entire invention capture process by effectively tracking, processing and avoiding duplicate filings. Avoid missing deadlines on inventions of business significance.

R&D Management

Measure team performance through key metrics to track and reward inventors

Legal Operations

Avoid costs from delays and process inefficiencies. Streamline operations to capture and process invention disclosures.

Ready-to-use from day one

Symphony is cloud based. There is no hardware to purchase or software to install. Your inventors can immediately begin using Symphony invention disclosure tools on any device of their choice, be it desktop or mobile.

Highly configurable without any IT support.