Emerging Technology Leaders

Symphony for Emerging Technology Leaders

Are you in charge of IP in a startup or early stage growth company? If yes, you have a lot to accomplish; are understaffed; and have a limited budget. Symphony is affordable and the one system you need in order to:

  • Grow your patent portfolio with invention management
  • Reduce administrative efforts with automation
  • Make accurate budget forecast
  • Effectively manage your outside counsel

See information that is always current, correct and complete

Manage your patent filings

Grow and manage your IP portfolio

Mitigate IP risk

Control IP-related costs

Symphony puts you in control of your IP

Symphony makes it easy to coordinate with your outside counsel. Securely exchange documents and see a calendar of upcoming events that is always current and up-to-date.

Maintain an accurate shadow docket without paralegal support using Symphony auto-docketing.

Support your inventors with easy-to-use invention disclosure management. Workflows automatically notify you of new disclosures and automatically create calendar tasks.

Create accurate IP cost estimates and forecasts, so that your management is never surprised by unexpected IP-related expenses.

Easily create reports on your entire IP portfolio to keep your management up-to-date on what IP protection they have, where they have it, and how long they have it for.